SmartPhone Devices

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To download the GPS files for your Smartphone devices.

Instructions for Setting up Travel Information on Your smartphone Device

  1. Download the Catskills Hatzalah GPS points by right-clicking here and saving the file to your local machine.
  2. Sign into your Google contacts account (the same one that is linked to your phone) by clicking here.
  3. Click on the More menu and click on Import as shown below.
  4. Click on Choose File and select the file you just saved, then click on Import.
  5. You will now see your contacts listed as below, "Imported (date)".
  6. It is preferable to rename the category to something meaningful such as "Catskills Hatzalah GPS Points-2024" by selecting to rename the group as shown below. This will allow you to delete the category and reinstall an updated version when there is one available.
  7. For iPhone Users Please click on the checkbox to select all contacts then open the menu and check My Contacts as shown below.
  8. Please note you will need to repeat the step above on all the pages of contacts to add them to the My Contacts group.
    To View the Locations on your Smartphone:Important Please make sure that for the account used above is set to synchronize contacts on the phone.Search the contacts for the location that you are looking for as you would for any other phone contact.You will notice that instead of an address the location is stored with GPS coordinates.Click on the coordinates and the phone will open up the location using the built in maps.Please note, for Android you will have the option to open the coordinates with Waze. This is not available for the iPhone unless it is jailbroken.